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Fall and Winter Listings

LOL!!   We are Low On Listings. A very common thing we hear this time of year is "We are going to wait until spring to list"  or " Nothing sells in the winter".  Waiting until spring may save you the inconvenience of having to move in the winter, however, it is a very popular idea. In the spring, the flowers are out, people start to smell the dirt, and 5 or 6 houses could very possibly come up for sale on your street. That's your direct competition! Contrary to the second statement, lots of houses do sell in the winter. People get transferred, come into windfalls, many scenarios that are not "season specific". In fact, with this statement also being a very popular one, you have an excellent advantage! Here's a GUARANTEE!! People are only buying what's for sale! Less competition can easily mean more dollars in your pocket.


The fall market is upon us, and you actually have a window of a few more weeks left where the activity is quite simliar to spring market levels. If you are thinking of making a move, but aren't quite sure of the timing, we would love to get together and tell you how We Can Help!


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